Why Can’T I See My Review On ITunes?

How long does it take for a new podcast episode to appear on iTunes?

Answer: At times, Apple may take up to 24 hours to check your RSS feed for new episodes or changes, but in most cases, new episodes should appear in Apple Podcasts pretty quickly and often times within an hour or two..

Why can’t I see reviews on app store?

All I did was go to the App Store, and make sure you’re on the home page (of the App Store). Then go to settings, iTunes and App Store, then sign out, then sign back in. Then go back to the App Store and try again. It should have reviews back.

How long does it take for an Apple podcast review to post?

This process may take up to five business days. We’ll send you an email when the status of your podcast is updated. You can also monitor the status in Podcasts Connect. Typically, new podcasts go live within 24 hours after they’re approved.

How do I see iTunes reviews from other countries?

Podcaster PSA: How to See Your iTunes Reviews from Other CountriesGo to your podcast in iTunes. Right click on your album art and select “Open Link”. … Look at the URL. … Replace your two-letter country code with the code for the country you’re interested in.

How hard is it to get an app approved by Apple?

Typically, the App Store approval process takes anything between 1-4 weeks. But sometimes, it may take much longer than that. Be patient and await the verdict. In case you should get rejected, iTunes will also let you know the reasons for the same.

How long does it take to submit a podcast to iTunes?

24 to 72 hoursIt can take 24 to 72 hours for Apple to process the submission, in our experience. If a few days have passed and your podcast still is not active in Apple Podcasts Connect, then you should contact Apple. We have observed significant delays in Apple’s processing of podcasts—as long as 10 days.

Does libsyn automatically upload to iTunes?

Once your feed is approved, any new episode that you publish on Libsyn will also be automatically published to iTunes and Stitcher.

Why is my iTunes review not showing up?

Answer: A: Your reviews are only shown based on the country your iTunes Store is set to. So when your store is set to the US, you wont see reviews from other countries. You can see them by going to the bottom of the screen in iTunes and from there you can change your country.

How long does it take for an iTunes review to show up?

24-48 hours1 Answer. I’ve found reviews generally show up within 24-48 hours. The drop down will only show countries that you have reviews for. So if only the US is showing then these are the only reviews that iTunes Connect knows about.

Does Find My iPhone notify the user 2020?

If the person you’re tracking is still running iOS 12, with or without Find My Friends installed, you’ll still be told that they’ll get a notification but nothing will actually show up on their iPhone or iPad.

Are App Store ratings anonymous?

No. In case of star rating, no personally identifiable information is shared with the developer. In fact the developer is not even able to see the individual star rating, only an aggregated rating after a minimum number of reviews are made.

Why isn’t my podcast review showing up?

Here are some possible reasons you aren’t seeing your reviews. Your listener might have left a rating, but not a review. … Ratings are often anonymous, so that person’s name won’t show up in the ratings and reviews My Podcast Reviews tracks for you. Your listener might have written a review in a different country.

How long does it take for an app to be approved by Apple?

On average, 50% of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and over 90% are reviewed in 48 hours. If your submission is incomplete, review times may be further delayed or your app may be rejected. Once your app has been reviewed, its status will be updated and you will be notified.

How do I view my reviews on iTunes?

Answer: A: You can do this in iTunes on your computer, click on iTunes Store > click Account > click Manage next to Reviews and Ratings.

How can I track my iPhone if it is offline?

How to Find an iPhone that is turned off or offlineOpen Settings.Tap on the section at the top with your photo and name.Tap on Find My.Tap on Find My iPhone.Now make sure that Enable Offline Finding is on. … Also make sure that Send Last Location is on.

Why would Apple reject an app?

According to Apple, 88% of those rejections occur because of the most common faux pas. … If your app isn’t accepted the first time you submit–especially if the reason is due to poor quality of content or app construction – it will be very difficult to change Apple’s mind when you resubmit.

How do I find my app reviews?

How to view and delete App Store reviews on iPhone and iPadLaunch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.Tap on iTunes and App Store.Tap on your Apple ID at the very top and choose the View Apple ID option in the popup window.Type in your password when prompted.Tap on Ratings and Reviews.More items…•

How do you read app reviews?

To view and sort reviews for app on the iOS App Store after upgrading to iOS 11.3, do this:Launch the App Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.Select the app you want to check out.Tap See All in the Ratings & Reviews section.Tap Sort by Most Helpful, then select the sort order you want.