What Is The Best House Sitting Site?

What is house sitting on Rover?

Rover defines house sitting as staying overnight in a client’s home: https://support.rover.com/hc/en-us/ar…

People are essentially hiring you to not only take care of their pet(s) but also their home while they are away.

If you are pet sitting, you either stay with the pet or the pet stays with you..

Is Aussie house sitters safe?

If you are interested in house sitting or in finding a house and pet sitter, Aussie House Sitters offers a safe and secure platform, backed by friendly support. We have been assisting the house sitting community for well over a decade and really believe in the benefits for homeowners and house sitters alike.

How can I make money House sitting?

Here are the most popular websites that list paid house sitting jobs.TrustedHousesitters. If you look at just one website in this list, make it TrustedHousesitters, especially if you love pets. … Mind My House. … Housecarers.com. … Luxury House Sitting. … Nomador. … House Sitters America. … HouseSitMatch. … The Caretaker Gazette.More items…•

What does a professional house sitter do?

House Sitters take care of homeowners’ properties while they are away in return for free accommodation and utilities as well as income, should it be agreed upon. They perform basic housecleaning duties, water indoor plants, and collect homeowners’ mail.

What do you do when house sitting?

Here are 10 things you should do when you are house sitting.Know the house rules. … WI-FI password to stay connected . … Be organised. … Emergency contact. … Lock every door and window whilst you are absent from the property. … Stock up food you have eaten. … Daily Check list. … Don’t be a stranger to the neighbours.More items…•

Do house sitters get paid UK?

House-sitter pay is usually low. Around £10 a day is common and there may be no fee at all. But travel expenses to and from the house are often covered, and of course there are no accommodation costs. … If you are house-sitting long-term you might be expect to contribute to the utilities cost.

Is house sitting a good idea?

Many people want to carve a new and more satisfying career but feel it’s too risky to leave a stable job when they’ve got rent or a mortgage to pay. House sitting is a great solution to keep costs down while you’re setting up a new business, writing a book, travelling the world or saving for a house deposit.

Is trusted house sitters free?

What makes TrustedHousesitters different is the fair exchange between sitters and owners. Pet and travel loving sitters offer to care for an owner’s home and pets for free, in exchange for an unforgettable experience in a new location.

Can you make a living as a house sitter?

Yes, you really can get paid for house sitting. However, you should know that the amount and type of pay vary based on the job. For instance, some clients might just want you to come and stay at their house. No additional duties necessary, with the exception of picking up after yourself.

Do house sitters stay overnight?

What Does a House Sitter Do? House sitters offer overnight services or daily visits. If you want someone to stay in your home each night you are away, look for a house sitter who will move into your house. Overnight house sitters typically look after your home, yard, pool and pets every day, just as you would.

Do you provide food for house sitter?

FOOD – House sitters usually provide their own food, but if there are perishables going to waste do tell your house sitters to help themselves. Also let them know if you’re happy for them to use your tea, coffee and pantry items.

How much should I charge for house sitting on Rover?

Cost: Since Rover house sitters set their own rates, you’ll find they vary widely depending on both sitter experience and the location of your home. Per night costs range from $15 to $150, so there’s no question you’ll find someone to fit your needs and your budget.

What means house sitting?

House sitting is the practice whereby a person leaving their house for a period of time entrusts it to one or more “house sitters”, who by a mutual agreement are permitted to live or stay in the property temporarily, in exchange for assuming any combination of responsibilities.

Are house sitters safe?

Despite all this, house sitting works. It’s safe; it’s an awesome exchange of trust; and it invariably results in a win-win-win outcome – delighted home owners, joyful house sitters and contented pets!

How does trusted house sitters work?

TrustedHousesitters is a match making platform that connects pet owners with care-orientated sitters, all around the world. … Each wants to care for Martin’s home and pets, free of charge… He reads their reviews from other pet owners to find people that give him complete peace of mind.

What is the going rate for house sitting in South Africa?

24 hour house sitting, no pets: R 400 per calendar day. 24 hour house sitting, with 1 pet: R 450 per calendar day. 24 hour house sitting, add R 100 per extra pet above 1 pet per day.