What Is Special Ledger?

What is a special GL transaction?

Special General Ledger Transactions are transactions that logically belong to accounts in the sub-ledger (Customer / Vendor) but are not to be posted to the corresponding G/L Reconciliation Account defined in the master record..

What is special GL account in SAP?

SAP has a concept of reconciliation accounts where in each sub ledger has a GL Account known as a reconciliation account maintained in its master data. … Special G/L Transactions are transactions in the Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables, which are, displayed separately In the general ledger and the sub ledgers.

What is Ledger example?

What is a Ledger? Ledger is a summary of transactions that relate to a certain account. For example, our bank ledger will summaries all the transactions that involved our bank account; our loan ledger will summarise all the transactions that involved our loan account and so on.

What is General Ledger example?

Examples of General Ledger Accounts asset accounts such as Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Investments, Land, and Equipment. liability accounts including Notes Payable, Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses Payable, and Customer Deposits.

What is the use of ledger?

An accounting ledger is an account or record used to store bookkeeping entries for balance-sheet and income-statement transactions. Accounting ledger journal entries can include accounts like cash, accounts receivable, investments, inventory, accounts payable, accrued expenses, and customer deposits.

What are the features of ledger?

FeaturesLedger never creates or modifies your data. … The amount of data required by Ledger is minimal. … Ledger is a double-entry accounting tool, meaning that all entries must balance. … Ledger is 100% currency-agnostic. … Ledger is international. … Ledger uses a simple set of base commands which can be extended in countless ways.

What is the leading ledger in SAP?

The leading ledger contains the complete set of document items in table ACDOCA. In each company code, the leading ledger receives exactly the same settings that apply to that company code: the currencies, the fiscal year variant, and the variant of the posting periods.

What is the use of special GL indicator in SAP?

Special GL indicator is mostly used for Advance Payments, Bills of Exchange and Guarentees. To identify there should be the difference between the Advance payment and normal payments. So, in SAP Spl indicator is maintained.

What sort of special general ledger types exist?

The special general ledger indicators used to identify the special general ledger transactions are mentioned in the brackets: Down payments (A) Down payment requests (F) Bills of exchange receivable (B)

What is another word for Ledger?

Similar words for ledger: balance sheet (noun) book (noun) chronicle (noun) daybook (noun)

What is target special GL indicator SAP?

The target special G/L indicator is the special G/L indicator for the down payment. It is required when creating a down payment from the down payment request. The system uses this indicator to determine the special G/L account to which down payments are posted.

What are the two types of ledger?

General Ledger – General Ledger is divided into two types – Nominal Ledger and Private Ledger. Nominal ledger gives information on expenses, income, depreciation, insurance, etc. And Private ledger gives private information like salaries, wages, capitals, etc. Private ledger is not accessible to everyone.

What is meant by a ledger?

A ledger is a book containing accounts in which the classified and summarized information from the journals is posted as debits and credits. … The ledger contains the information that is required to prepare financial statements. It includes accounts for assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenues and expenses.

What are the three types of ledger?

The three types of ledgers are the general, debtors, and creditors. The general ledger accumulates information from journals. Each month all journals are totaled and posted to the General Ledger.

What is special purpose ledger?

The Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL) is a receiver system in which you can enter data created in other SAP applications. It is not a sender system for other SAP applications.