What Is Noun Form Of Live?

Is refusal a verb or noun?


the act or an instance of refusing.

the opportunity to reject or accept; option.


What is the verb of do?

It has five different forms: do, does, doing, did, done. The base form of the verb is do. The past simple form, did, is the same throughout. The present participle is doing. The past participle is done.

What is the abstract noun of speak?

The abstract noun of speak is speak or speak or speech.

What type of word is speak?

verb (used without object), spoke or (Archaic) spake [speyk]; spo·ken or (Archaic) spoke; speak·ing. to utter words or articulate sounds with the ordinary voice; talk: He was too ill to speak. to communicate vocally; mention: to speak to a person about various matters.

Is living a noun?

noun. the act or condition of a person or thing that lives: Living is very expensive these days. … a particular manner, state, or status of life: luxurious living. (used with a plural verb)Usually the living .

What is noun of die?

die. noun. noun. /daɪ/ 1a block of metal with a special shape, or with a pattern cut into it, that is used for shaping other pieces of metal such as coins, or for making patterns on paper or leather.

What is the abstract noun for die?

List 13 – Forming Abstract NounsVerbAbstract NounVerbdiedeathpermitdodeedpleaseemployemploymentrefusefreefreedomsell7 more rows

What is the verb for live?

verb (used without object), lived [livd], liv·ing. to have life, as an organism; be alive; be capable of vital functions: all things that live.

What is the noun of speak?

14 ENTRIES FOUND: speak (verb) -speak (noun combining form) public speaking (noun)

Is eat a verb?

verb eats, eating, ate or eaten.

What is the verb form of speak?

Spoken. 3rd Person Singular: Speaks. Present Participle/Gerund: Speaking.

Is live a verb or noun?

“Live” as verb is an action, so you say “I live in Minneapolis”. The singular form is “live,” and the plural form is “lives”. Live” as an adjective is a describing word, so you say “Live TV is fun”. “Live”” as an adjective describes the subject of a sentence.

What is the abstract noun of live?

lifeAbstract noun of live is life.

What is the abstract noun of Boy?

The abstract noun form of the common noun “boy” is boyish.

Is love a verb or noun?

Love Is a Verb, Not a Noun.

Is spoke a word?

Spoke is the past tense of speak.

What is the noun of live?

/ˈlaɪv/ adjective. Learner’s definition of LIVE. 1. a always used before a noun : having life : living or alive.