Quick Answer: Who Would Win Deadpool Or Deathstroke?

Who would win Deadpool vs Ghostrider?

In the comic Deadpool defeated Ghost Rider because of an unexpected reaction to Ghost Rider’s penance state.

But Logic dictates that Ghost Rider would beat Deadpool severely.

His hellfire could very well burn Deadpool to a crisp..

Who is the DC equivalent of Wolverine?

LoboThe Main Man of the DC Universe, Lobo is the DC equivalent of Wolverine (Logan).

Who is better deathstroke or Deadshot?

Deathstroke should slaughter Deadshot. He is physically and mentally superior, and has better armor and weapons. Deathstroke is more or less Deadshot, but Better.

Who can beat Deadpool?

ThanosAnyway, So Death was actually in really big trouble, so Thanos took his curse away and promptly killed Deadpool. GOOGLE THAT, PEOPLE, I got to keep moving with my answer. So the first Marvel character that can kill Deadpool is Thanos. Another character that could kill Deadpool is Wolverine.

Can Wolverine beat Thor?

Sorry but Wolverine dosen’t really stand a chance Thor has multipule ways to defeat Wolverine. Wolverine’s claws would likley be able to cut his skin but they would not damage Mjolnir or Jarnborn so he can easily use them to deflect the claws, after that Thor has strength comperable to the Hulk but has far more skill.

Can Deadpool kill Ghost Rider?

Deadpool never has killed Ghost Rider. A Version of Deapool has killed a version of Ghost Rider atleast twice tho. This is seemingly accomplished by decapitating a ghost rider using his own chain. A Deadpool somehow kills a ghost rider again.

Is deathstroke a ripoff of Deadpool?

Ten years before Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld created Deadpool (aka Wade Wilson) at Marvel Comics, DC Comics had created Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson). Indeed, Nicieza and Liefeld intentionally ripped off Deathstroke, one of their favorite villains.

Has deadshot ever missed a shot?

When Floyd had an opening, he shot. As he shot, he leaned too hard on a branch, which snapped. … Over the years, Deadshot became the greatest assassin in history, known for never missing (though he has missed – he was once hired to kill Batman, and obviously he failed).

Can Deadpool lift Thor’s hammer?

In the end, Deadpool wasn’t worthy. While he seemingly had control of Mjolnir and the strength of Thor, it was all a mirage put on by Loki to distract Thor. It’s a shame because Deadpool looked pretty cool with the enchanted hammer. But, it makes sense that Wade Wilson – of all people – isn’t worthy.

Can Deadpool kill Superman?

No. There is almost no possible way that, under normal conditions, Deadpool (Wade Wilson (Earth-616) ) could kill Superman (Superman (Clark Kent) ). Deadpool is neither strong enough to be able to physically harm Superman (with or without his katanas), nor is he fast enough to be able touch Superman.

Who would win Deadpool or Thanos?

Deadpool literally can’t die, he has a curse that makes him immortal. However, if deadpool only wanted to annoy thanos, he would win every time, he is of course the merc with the mouth. But think about it this way, thanos is light years stronger than deadpool, but there is no winning when fighting deadpool.

Who would win deathstroke or Batman?

In real life deathstroke would win. Slade can take this fight maybe once or twice out of every ten encounters, and this is assuming that he actually catches Batman unprepared in a location where he doesn’t have access to his heavy duty gear.

Has Batman ever beat Deathstroke?

Batman has never defeated Deathstroke without help. When it’s just him against Deathstroke 1 on 1, a majority of the time the outcome is like so. Also, he didn’t have any outside help in Detective comics 710. Yes batman has beaten deathstroke.

Can deadshot kill Batman?

After being contracted to assassinate Batman by the Russian Mafia, Deadshot uses an assassination attempt on Commissioner James Gordon as bait. However, Deadshot is ultimately defeated and apprehended by Batman.

Can Wolverine beat Thanos?

But Wolverine has Adamantium which is the strongest metal in the MCU world. It is impenetrable and Wolverine’s claws can cut through anything even Thanos strong and thick purple skin. … But if the battle is between Thanos without the gauntlet and Wolverine, then Wolverine will definitely defeat him.

What is Deathstroke’s weakness?

Deathstroke may not have any physical weaknesses. Though his depth perception is lessened with the loss of his right eye he has learned to compensate for it. the best strategy is to rely on his still human physiology and hit his pain centers or use gas on him.

Is deathstroke immortal?

Slade Wilson, AKA Deathstroke, is about seventy or so years old. He was the product of a military experiment during Vietnam that slowed his aging and gave him a healing factor. … He’s only “immortal” because of his healing factor, similar to Deadpool, but at a lesser degree.

Who can beat Deathstroke?

Hey guys, we’re back with another 10 Characters Who Can Beat X. Up next is DC’s Salde Wilson, better known as Deathstroke….Here are ten characters who fit this description and have what it takes to beat Deathstroke.Black Panther. … Vergil. … Kakuzu. … T-1000. … Boba Fett. … Strider Hiryu. … Raiden. … Ryuko Matoi.More items…•