Quick Answer: What Sort Of Special General Ledger Types Exist In SAP?

How many types of general ledger are there?

five typesGeneral ledger accounts are divided into five types of categories.

The types include assets, liabilities, income, expense and capital..

What is a special ledger?

Special Ledger, as the name suggests, a specialized version of the General Ledger. Special ledger that could adopt a different set of accounting rules and could derive data directly from other ledgers.

What is special purpose ledger in SAP?

The Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL) is a receiver system in which you can enter data created in other SAP applications. It is not a sender system for other SAP applications.

What sort of special general ledger types exist?

The special general ledger indicators used to identify the special general ledger transactions are mentioned in the brackets: Down payments (A) Down payment requests (F) Bills of exchange receivable (B)

What are special GL transactions in SAP?

Special G/L transactions are special transactions in accounts receivable and accounts payable that are recorded in the General Ledger in alternative reconciliation accounts instead of the normal Vendor/Customer reconciliation accounts.

What is special GL indicator?

Special G/L transactions are identified by a special G/L indicator. Example. In the standard system, you post down payments made with posting key 29. This posting key determines that you are posting to the debit side of a vendor account. The special G/L indicator determines the type of down payment.