Quick Answer: What Is The Superlative Of Busy?

Is excellent a superlative?

As adjectives the difference between superlative and excellent.

is that superlative is exceptionally good; of the highest quality; superb while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid..

What is the superlative of famous?

Adjective. famous (comparative more famous, superlative most famous) Well known.

What is the superlative of serious?

serious (comparative more serious or seriouser, superlative most serious or seriousest)

What is the superlative of wise?

EnchantedLearning.com GrammarCaseAdjectiveSuperlative Form1-syllable adjectives ending in “e”hugehugestlargelargeststrangestrangestwisewisest45 more rows

What does superlative mean?

1 : being the form of an adjective or adverb that shows the greatest degree of comparison “Best” is the superlative form of “good.” 2 : better than all others : supreme superlative work. superlative. noun. Kids Definition of superlative (Entry 2 of 2)

What is a superlative example?

Superlative adjectives are used to compare three or more nouns. They’re also used to compare one thing against the rest of a group. Superlative adjectives demonstrate a higher level of comparison between entities. For example, “She’s the prettiest princess in all the land.”

What is the comparative and superlative for busy?

Busier and More busy mean the same thing — they’re just the comparative form of busy.

Is more quickly correct grammar?

“Quicker” and “more quickly” are both acceptable comparative forms of the adverb “quickly.” However, as some of your grammar-savvy readers might think “quicker” is an error or too informal, you should opt for “more quickly” (unless your writing would really benefit from the flow of text offered by “quicker”).

What does superlative adverb mean?

A superlative adverb is used to compare three or more people, places, or things. It’s used to state that the action performed is to the highest degree within a group or of its kind. They are sometimes preceded by the word “the” but not always. Superlative Adverb Example: Bobby talks the loudest of all the boys.

What is the superlative of polluted?

polluted (comparative more polluted, superlative most polluted)

What is the superlative of rapidly?

rapidly (comparative more rapidly, superlative most rapidly)

What is the superlative degree of early?

The comparative form is used for comparing two actions or states: She ate her lunch more quickly than Joe (did)….Adverbs with the same form as an adjective.earlyearlierearliestsoonsoonersoonest7 more rows

What is called superlative degree?

The Superlative Degree. The superlative degree (or superlative) compares more than two things to show which has the least or greatest degree of the quality (e.g., brightest, most brightly).

What is the superlative degree of high?

List of comparative superlative and adjectives from A to ZAdjectiveComparativeSuperlativehighhigherhighesthiphipperhippesthothotterhottesthumblehumblerhumblest157 more rows

What is the superlative of pretty?

Adjectives which have three or more syllables always form the comparative and superlative with more and most….Some rules about forming comparatives and superlatives.AdjectiveComparativeSuperlativeprettyprettierthe prettiesttidytidierthe tidiest1 more row

What is the superlative of clearly?

clearly (comparative clearlier or more clearly, superlative clearliest or most clearly)

Is too a superlative?

Too is an adverb.