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How do you break walls in Arkham Knight?

Use the batmobile or a high vantage point, glide towards the wall and hit it dead center.

The ones that look like cracked concrete will need the batmobile or there will be a ledge you can glide on to.

Use explosive gel if there is a ledge..

How do you beat Riddler?

Wait for the Riddler’s machine to hit the ground and run up to him from the frontal side. Press the standard attack key/button for your character to jump onto the machine. Keep pressing the attack key for Batman to deal damage to the Riddler, which deprives him of a third of his health.

What burrowed the hole Arkham Knight?

“With a fluffy white coat and ears standing tall, what burrowed the hole in which Alice did fall?” When you take the first elevator down to Level 03, you’ll be near these creepy rabbit-masked mannequins. Scan them to solve.

How do you scan riddles in Arkham City?

You should still be able to line up a green question mark while in detective mode and scanning it. You need to hold down the detective mode button to scan it. LB on 360, and L2 on the PS3. If you’re not getting any type of message about nothing being found, or misaligned, then likely something else is going on.

How do you break soft wood paneling in Batman?

You’ll see some soft wood panelling that you can break through using your line launcher. Alternatively, you can leap from the bridge above the subway entrance and do a dive bomb glide to break in that way.

How do you break the weak walls in Batman Arkham Asylum?

After you get outside you end up at the Batmobile to stop a group of thugs from trashing it. Afterwords you grab the explosive gel out of the trunk. Thus a controlled explosion and how you break the weak walls.

How do you glide kick in Arkham Knight?

You press X when the blue bat symbol is above an enemie’s head. You start a glide kick, but if you hold RT during the glide kick (may not work when you’re already too close), you will notice that a YELLOW batsymbol outline appears over the enemy as you go much faster towards him.

What has an angle with just one line?

“A psycho killer’s grim design, what has an angle but just one line?” Head to the docks at the northern edge of the island. Move west around the perimeter to find some bodies posed as if fishing. Scan them to solve.

Did Bruce Wayne really die in Arkham Knight?

Batman was notorious for faking his death in other media, such as The Dark Knight Rises, where he faked being killed in a nuclear explosion while Bruce Wayne was apparently killed during the riots in Gotham. In the classic comic/animated movie adaptation, The Dark Knight Returns, he faked a fatal heart attack.

How do you control the Riddler robots?

Just take out any Riddler Robot. It has to be after you have the gadget of course. I had already busted Catwoman out by the time I got the Voice Synthesizer so I had to wait until I came across a trophy robot, kill it, then reload the robot.

How many Riddler trophies do you need to confront the Riddler?

There are 400 trophies total (440 if you have the Catwoman DLC). Once you hit a certain number it unlocks the next hostage, 5 in total. Hitting the 400 mark grants you the opportunity to confront the Riddler himself.

How do I get into Arkham Knights headquarters?

Look on your map and put a custom waypoint on the blue building icons. The Arkham Knight HQ is split into 2 parts so you can get into the first half by the fan shaft and the other half you have to go to the elevator on the roof where you exited and met Scarecrow.

What gadget is needed for Riddler’s final exam?

User Info: G-Scythe. You just need to get all his riddler trophies before he would fight you.