Question: How Can I Cheat In JEE Mains?

Is getting into NIT easy?

Well, it’s not easy and even that difficult to get a seat in a NIT.

It requires a huge effort and hard work to perform well in JEE Mains.

To get a decent branch in a top NIT , you need a rank under 13-14 k .

And getting this rank out of a million of students is not a easy task..

How can I pass IIT JEE without coaching?

Strategies and Tips to Crack IIT JEE without CoachingStart with the NCERT. … Have a Curious Mind. … Solve with the Multiple Solution Technique. … Revise Wisely. … Manage your Time Efficiently. … Solve Multiple Mock Tests. … Choose the Right Reference Books. … Physics.More items…•

Can I get 99 percentile in JEE mains?

By observing the several year trends and cutoffs we can predict that with 160+ marks you can easily score 99 percentile and for this you can bifurcate your marks for each of the three subject according to your preference. Hence, to get that marks you have to study well by taking organise steps.

Is Jee a MCQ?

JEE Advanced Exam Pattern 2020: Type Of Questions Unlike in JEE Main, which consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) (with four options, one of them being correct) and Numerical Answer Type Questions, JEE Advanced questions are of different types.

What is a good score in JEE mains?

Students are often confused about what is a good score or rank in JEE Main 2021 exam. Find out JEE Main good score for NITs, JEE Advanced, IITs, IIITs….I got 467 mark in ICAR. can I get a good college?CategoryCutoff Score RangeGeneral300-350SC250-300ST200-250OBC/ EWS300-320

How can I score 100 marks in JEE Main 2020?

You can score 100 in JEE mains. You need to practice the questions. You can solve previous year question papers. Also refer books such NCERT, such books can give you some insights.

Has anyone got full marks in JEE mains?

Sooraj Srinivasan (18), a student from Chennai, who has secured 99.99 percentile at the prestigious JEE Main 2020 examination believes that hard work and a lot of practice is what students need to crack this exam. He scored 285 marks out of a total of 300.

Is 150 a good score in JEE mains?

As per your score in JEE Mains 2020 and past years’ data analysis, you’re likely to get a percentile around 98.79-98.99. … The data is likely to vary this year as much as 1000 rank. You’re likely to get admission in good branches of reputed NITs. Good luck.

Is 250 a good score in JEE mains?

The competition in JEE Main 2020 is going to be high, but if students follow a strategy, it can lead to better results. … JEE Main paper for BTech / BE is a 300 marks paper and if candidates score 250+, they can easily get admission in some of the top engineering institutes of India.

Is 170 a good score in JEE mains?

Table of JEE Main 2020 Marks and the corresponding percentile score for January 2020 examination is listed below for quick reference….JEE Main Marks vs Rank- January Session 2020.MarksRank151 – 1608949 – 7004161 – 1706706 – 5240171 – 1805003 – 3932181 – 1903709 – 286927 more rows•Sep 11, 2020

How many hours do JEE toppers sleep?

The brain also needs proper rest in the form of sleep and students should get an ample amount of sleep to study productively. It’s important to be healthy as well. Hence, 6-7 hours of sleep is a must.

Is 90 percentile good in JEE?

It is to note here that the JEE Main percentile versus marks/rank is just to calculate the probable rank in the exam. It may differ from the actual rank in JEE Main 2020 April exam….JEE Main Percentile vs Ranks.Percentile Scores (NTA Score)Expected JEE Main Rank (Approximate)9361,2009270,0009178,7009087,45018 more rows•Sep 11, 2020

How rank is decided in JEE Advanced?

Here is the detailed analysis of JEE Advanced marks vs rank. The below data is prepared on the basis of 2019 JEE Advanced….JEE Advanced Marks vs Rank (Analysis of 2019 Data)AIR (All India Rank)Marks720-780210-216800-820208-209990-1000200-2077 more rows•Oct 6, 2020

What is the rank required for IIT?

Currently, there are a total of 23 IITs in India that offer more than 10,000 BTech seats….JEE Main 2019 Cut Off for JEE Advanced.CategoryCutoffCommon Rank List (CRL)89.7548849Economically Weaker Section (EWS)78.2174869Other Backward Class (OBC-NCL)74.3166557Scheduled Caste (SC)54.01281552 more rows•Sep 23, 2020

Is it possible to cheat in JEE mains?

Though cheating in computer-based exams like CAT, IIT-JEE among others is almost impossible, candidates continue to approach touts and pay them of money to get help.

How can I get full marks in JEE mains?

Check some important points for making a perfect exam strategy for JEE Main here.Understand exam pattern and Syllabus- First of all understand the JEE Main exam pattern and syllabus. … Time Management- Make a proper time-table to study important topics. … Mock Tests- Practice more and more JEE Main mock tests .More items…

Is it easy to clear JEE mains?

If you study regularly you can clear the JEE Mains exam with a good score. … You must follow a study plan to focus on all three subjects in the exam. This is the only way you can score 150+ marks in JEE Mains 2020.

Who got 360 out of 360 in JEE mains?

Kalpit VeerwalKalpit Veerwal got All India Rank 1 in JEE Main in the year 2017. He is the first student in the history of JEE to score 100%. His scorecard reads 360 out of 360 in Joint Entrance Examination Main. He also bagged AIR 109 in JEE Advanced 2017.

Who is topper of JEE 2020?

NTA JEE Main results 2020: Laksh Gupta has scored a perfect 100 percentile and All India Rank (AIR 9) in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, the result of which was declared on September 11. The 18-year-old secured 99.77 percentile in the January session.

Is Ncert enough for JEE?

The bottom line is that NCERT books are among the best books for JEE Main, but they are not enough as they don’t include revision of complex JEE questions. With NCERT books, you can build your foundation of the basic knowledge required for tackling advanced level problems in JEE.

How many hours does IIT topper study?

Some days, I would study for 3 hours and other days for 4, 10 or 12 hours. I used to do it according to myself. But on an average it should be around 6 hours every day. Plan it in a way that you have some aim to cover something and try to achieve your aim for the day.”