How Do You Reverse KT?

What is reverse KT?

It is simply the flow of knowledge in a direction opposite of the standard hierarchical top-down approach.

This promotes company employees to make suggestions to improve the product that they are working with day in and day out..

What is reverse kt in industry?

If headquarters is aware of its own and its subsidiaries’ knowledge, it can better formulate corporate strategy and allocate resources. … For this reason, the opposite flow (from subsidiary to parent company) is called reverse knowledge transfer (RKT).

What is Project KT?

Project knowledge Transfer (KT) is very important process in an project but somehow, we do not give enough importance to the same. An effective project KT is the foundation of successful project execution.

What does knowledge transfer mean?

Knowledge transfer (KT) is a term used to encompass a very broad range of activities to support mutually beneficial collaborations between universities, businesses and the public sector. KT is a ‘contact sport’; it works best when people meet to exchange ideas, sometimes serendipitiously, and spot new opportunities.