Did Catwoman Have A Sidekick?

Who is Catwoman’s partner?

CatwomanAlter egoSelina Kyle, Selina CalabreseTeam affiliationsJustice League Batman Family Outsiders Gotham City Sirens Birds of Prey Injustice LeaguePartnershipsBatmanNotable aliasesthe Cat, Irena Dubrovna7 more rows.

Who is the new Catwoman?

Zoë KravitzZoë Kravitz Wraps Up in Leather as Selina Kyle, A.K.A. Catwoman, in a New Batman Photo. The actress was photographed in costume on the set of The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson.

What does Harley Quinn call poison ivy?

Both Harley Quinn and Catwoman call Poison Ivy “Red”, due to her hair colour. All three sirens named each other mostly by their criminal name (or part of it).

Are Black Canary and Harley Quinn friends?

‘Birds of Prey’: Level-headed Black Canary is the best friend Harley Quinn could ask for, here’s why. It’s not just her powers and skills that make Black Canary so iconic, it’s also her compassion, sensibility and sheer humanity.

Is Catwoman friends with Harley Quinn?

In the comics, they are friends. … In most media, Catwoman and Harley are friendly but not necessarily friends. They don’t have much of a relationship in the Arkham games, for instance, and in the Animated Series they are just plain enemies.

Who did Catwoman have a child with?

In the main DC continuity, Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman never had a child. However, in one of DC’s alternate timelines of the 60s (“Earth 2”), the character of Huntress (Helena Wayne) is Batman and Catwoman’s daughter.